Transformation services

About the Service Offering

This Offering is all about the journey, getting from wherever you are now to where you want to be. This offering tackles the most challenging part of the process, the migration from existing providers to the newly defined Operational Services paradigm. In spite of the effort during our initial analysis, and in spite of the most detailed and careful planning, circumstances can and will pop up, driven usually by the unwillingness of existing providers to transition, which require the plan to evolve on an ongoing basis; the knowledge of when and how to evolve to meet the changing challenges comes only from experience, and WebConsult’s team has been doing this for over twenty years.


The objectives of the project addressed by your transformation services team is simple; they have to transition the formal responsibility for ongoing operational services to the new team, without negatively impacting the service levels delivered to the business. Easy to say… hard to do.

Our objective is to make it look seamless. We budget these transformation projects fixed bid, flat fee, and assume all the risk until everything in scope is formally handed off and services are being provided by our Operations team. Real time status for the transformation projects will be provided through the WebConsult Projects Framework, to keep everyone abreast of the progress, challenges and risks. 

We are incentivized to make this happen as quickly as possible, as the project is fixed bid for us. Our operations team is incentivized to not accept the handover responsibility before they are sure they can deliver the SLA commitments, as they will be penalized for non-delivery. The end result is a project that happens as fast as possible, consistent with the SLA quality commitments, the best outcome for the customer.


The handoff processes, which formally transition responsibility from the transformation team to the operational services team, also need to be signed off in every case by the customer. Part of the project deliverables are always to put in place mechanisms to objectively measure the SLA commitments, so everyone will be able to observe and ensure the impact to the existing Service Levels are respected. 

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