Acquisitions & Integration - Trilogy

About the Client

Based in Austin, Texas, Trilogy acts as the operational arm of the ESW Capital and Think3 groups who focus on buying, strengthening, then growing mature business software companies. By taking advantage of Trilogy’s unique operating platform, ESW and Think3 revitalize acquisitions for sustainable success while making customer satisfaction a top priority. Trilogy and its affiliated companies have been in the enterprise software space since 1988, and the group includes notable brands such as Aurea, DevFactory, Ignite Technologies, Versata and Zephyrtel.

The Working Challenge

Trilogy needed a highly efficient methodology to quickly evaluate, close and integrate $5m-$100m+ TTM revenue acquisitions into a consolidated, customer focused AWS cloud operational model or remote teams across 120-countries to support the brand CEO’s delivery of 70% margin targets.

Find Solution and Solve it

Due Diligence: We developed and implemented a repeatable process surrounding simple due diligence templates and analysis frameworks across all functional areas (customer support, human resources, finance, engineering, ITOps, SaaSOps, professional services) which eliminated the need for over 50% of the pre-close meetings with the acquisition target’s SME. Implemented automation to consume data from the templates reducing manual work by 50%; built new dashboards to provide visibility of key KPIs allowing us to eliminate over 80% of pre-close status meetings. The streamlining of the pre-close phase resulted in delivering top-notch due diligence decision artifacts within 30 days.

Integration: We developed and implemented an effective and efficient system to integrate all functional areas of the legacy company into Trilogy’s consolidated operations within 90 days. A combination of agile methodologies and automation allowed us to deliver quality knowledge transfer and complex system migrations to Trilogy’s cloud operations seamlessly and allowing for restructuring.

Restructuring: We developed a multinational compliant people restructuring methodology resulting in significant HR savings by eliminating redundant positions, changing to employment to contract roles and switching to a work-from-home model. We developed processes to quickly eliminate/reduce redundant vendor expense that was replaced by Trilogy’s consolidated operations model; we’ve recovered up to 50% of facility costs by subletting or negotiating early termination

Building the Team: We built a 100% remote world-class scalable A&I team to build, execute and continuously improve the due diligence, integration and restructuring phases of the acquisition.

Beyond the initial challenge we achieved continuous improvement quarter-over-quarter by additional process improvements and automation resulted in 25% additional savings

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