The Rompetrol story

About the Client

Rompetrol, a division of KazMunayGaz, is the largest oil company in Romania, with a presence in several other countries. With an extensive network of service stations, and the largest refinery in Eastern Europe, the company had outsourced its entire IT function, and implemented SAP as its ERP system. 

The Working Challenge

Rompetrol was not satisfied with the terms of the contract with their existing provider, which were very restrictive, and maximizing the profits of the provider. The contract had a five year term, with severe cancellation penalties. Rompetrol engaged WebConsult to figure out how to decouple from the existing provider on a very aggressive timetable, of three months. The scope was to provide Tiered support for the entire environment, infrastructure, ERP, CRM, and custom applications, totaling 113 applications, over 1000 sites. This was done through a JV structure with the Kazakhs, WebConsult managing the analysis and transition, as well as providing the ongoing support management of the JV.

Understandably, the existing provider was very keen for the project to fail, as this would have forced Rompetrol to renew the contract for five years. The project was therefore a “hostile takeover”, which introduced significant challenges to the task.

The solution

We partnered with IPsoft, a world leader in infrastructure management, which is a pioneer in AI, to deliver this Project, with WebConsult focusing on building the required custom Application Support functions. 

One of the biggest challenges was the lack of accurate documentation, as the existing provider refused to provide any access to the support infrastructure, knowledgebases or ticketing systems. 

We had a team of engineers reverse engineer how things worked for the major custom built applications, and IPsoft had some sophisticated discovery tools that could build a picture of the network infrastructure. We sat with the Rompetrol users and went through their user documentation to understand the systems landscape. 

One of the biggest challenges was taking control of the network infrastructure, with over 1000 routers. Rompetrol arranged to take over the router passwords after paying a substantial amount as contract indemnity to the existing provider, and we had an AI-assisted bot rapidly change them across the network, defeating two Easter eggs designed to crash the network during the takeover. Within hours, the entire network was being monitored and managed by us, without significant business damage.

On the application side, all attempt at knowledge transfer were refused by the existing provider, so we went live without, and began building a knowledgebase and application support infrastructure from scratch. We over-provisioned the support resources to handle the expected increase in incidents. A 5% decrease in Service Level Compliance was experienced in the first month, but by the second month we had exceeded the previous Service Levels by 30%, and by the end of our first quarter burn in period, had improved SLA performance by over 100%.

In the end, we delivered cost savings of over 38%, and significant ticket count reductions as well.

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