Business process consulting

About the Service Offering

Since all our Ongoing Operational Services Contracts are customized to perfectly match our customer’s business requirements, the first step is always to analyze the existing service landscape, determine what can be done to save money and improve service levels, and create a detailed plan for how to get there. We call this business process consulting, the first step on the path to business process outsourcing or BPO.

We have over twenty years experience in this space, and it is our core competency at WebConsult. We have handled everything from extremely hostile takeovers to smooth collaborative ones, and have not failed to deliver any of our projects. 


The scope of our Business Process Consulting offering is to create the vision of the targeted steady-state Service Levels, and a detailed plan for how to get there. This is a very rapid process, with clearly defined data inputs, which typically lasts one month. The deliverables generated by this offering are:

  •  Detailed Execution Project Plan, outlining the timeline, detailed steps and dependencies to get to the steady state operational services desired.
  • Detailed Execution budget, which is typically a flat fee covering all costs until the services have been successfully transitioned to steady state, the risk being borne by WebConsult.
  • Detailed Ongoing Operational Services contract, specifying the services and SLA targets governing them, which is typically closed with our ongoing operations entity, Phoenix Operations.
  • Detailed delivery model, specifying how the services will be delivered, usually a combination of remote work resources, our locations, and or other third party providers, for whom we will assume responsibility.

Next Steps

Of course, after a BPC engagement, we wold prefer to continue to our Transformation Service and on to steady state operations, and we will credit the cost of the BPC against those future activities, if the customer chooses to proceed with the plan, but in some cases the customers may choose to use the analysis provided in BPC to improve their own service delivery, which they are free to do. We are sufficiently confident in our expertise that we believe we will continue to the next offering in most cases. It is difficult to transition to a different support landscape without impacting service levels, even if you have a roadmap. 

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